What is an ASIC Company Extract?

An ASIC Company Extract is a report that is designed to help you verify the legitimacy of an entity by providing details about a company. The report is important for companies looking to make low-risk decisions and will help you determine that you will deal with a real business with real directors. The report can come in the form of a Current Company Extract or a Historical Company Extract.
The ASIC company searches can be conducted through My Company Check and the information in this extract includes:

  • Current officeholders including company directors and secretaries
  • Current registered addresses
  • Shareholder details
  • Appointments of external auditors, liquidators and administrators
  • Document details on all forms lodged with ASIC
  • ACN lookup
  • ABN lookup
  • Data visualisation with an interactive timeline of company events

What is included in the company extract reports?

Current Company Extract

The details included in an extract vary with the type of organisation, however standard inclusions are Current Organisation Details, Company Addresses, Share Structure and Document Details.

Historical Company Extract

The historical extract will include all the details in the Current Company Extract with the addition of prior details relevant to the type of organisation. Annual Returns were abolished on 1 July 2003, however, previously lodged returns will still show on Historical Company Extracts.